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Getting Started: Overview of Motions to Reopen

There are a number of bases to file motions to reopen in immigration court proceedings. These materials will orient you and provide a framework for understanding all the bases for motions to reopen.


Sample Motions to Reopen in Immigration Court Flowchart

Immigration Justice Campaign
This flowchart outlines several bases for a Motion to Reopen along with the related costs, filing deadlines, and effect on removal proceedings. Links to sample motions, relevant statutes, and practice pointers throughout the flow chart provide additional information.

69 Min.

Motions to Reopen: An Overview

Immigration Justice Campaign
This webinar provides an introduction to the different types of motions to reopen removal orders. It assumes no prior knowledge of immigration law.


The Basics of Motions to Reopen EOIR-Issued Removal Orders

American Immigration Council
This Practice Advisory walks through the legal and procedural requirements for Motions to Reopen, and includes practical advice on what to file, and where, when, and how to file. Note that if you are seeking to reopen an in absentia removal order, there is a separate Practice Advisory for those motions.