Immigration Justice Campaign is an initiative of American Immigration Council, American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Immigration Justice Campaign Text Logo
Immigration Justice Campaign Text Logo

Our Mission

Our mission is to fight for a U.S. without immigration detention. We do this by bringing together a broad network of volunteers who advocate for due process and justice for immigrants currently in detention – and who advocate to replace the punitive detention system with a humane approach that includes universal legal representation and other community-based support for individuals during their immigration cases.

The Campaign works with a broad network of pro bono allies to serve detained individuals who would otherwise go unrepresented. And we provide our volunteers with the knowledge and tools to speak out against policies that dehumanize and harm immigrant communities.

The Trump administration dramatically increased efforts to detain and deport immigrants and strove to dismantle the U.S. asylum system. The American Immigration Lawyers Association and the American Immigration Council launched the Campaign as a joint initiative to bring new allies and volunteers to the fight for fairness and due process for the tens of thousands of people in immigration detention, most of whom lacked legal counsel. Now it’s time to reverse harmful Trump administration policies – and then to reimagine and rebuild the systems that provide relief to those seeking protection in the U.S. That includes rebuilding our long-standing asylum system, and phasing out immigration detention.

Who Should Volunteer?

We need your help. Sign up today:

  • If you are a lawyer who would like to be trained and mentored to volunteer to represent detained immigrants; or
  • If you can provide other critical support to pro bono legal teams (like interpretation).

Why Should You Join?

Your skills are needed whether or not you have removal defense experience. Justice Campaign volunteers will receive training, mentorship, and other support throughout their volunteer experience. Here’s what the Justice Campaign offers to volunteer lawyers:

  • A broad array of opportunities to get involved;
  • Curated training and orientation for lawyers new to immigration law;
  • Innovative mentorship and technical assistance from removal defense legal experts;
  • Opportunities to make your voice go further through advocacy and outreach;
  • Connections to a community of passionate and dedicated lawyers.

Become an Advocate

Join us by visiting our action center