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Motions to Reopen

Non-citizens with final orders of removal may move in certain circumstances to have their removal proceedings reopened in order to have a new adjudication on their removability from the U.S. Filing a Motion to Reopen is extremely important for noncitizens with final removal orders who are being held in immigration detention, because they are especially vulnerable to immediate removal from the U.S. The materials on this page will assist pro bono attorneys with every stage of filing a motion to reopen before an immigration judge or the Board of Immigration Appeals. Please note that filing via eCAS does not require a proposed order or certificate of service to the document - please consult with your mentor for more information.

Getting Started: Overview of Motions to Reopen

There are a number of bases to file motions to reopen in immigration court proceedings. These materials will orient you and provide a framework for understanding all the bases for motions to reopen.

Specific Bases for MTRs

Once you have identified under which basis you will seek to reopen your client’s proceedings, these materials will provide you with targeted guidance.

Drafting Motion to Reopen

This page contains sample motions to reopen in several different types of cases.