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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, please find answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

About the Campaign

Why am I unable to submit the registration form?

Please make sure you’ve entered as much information as possible. A “Create Account” button will appear once you’ve filled out all the required fields.

Why can’t I access your training materials?

The majority of our training resources are available to users who have registered on our website by creating an account. Some training resources are reserved for volunteers actively working on pro bono matters with the Justice Campaign. If you are working on a pro bono matter and are still having trouble accessing our resources, please contact campaignhelp@immcouncil.org. To view and apply for volunteer opportunities that fit your skills, interests, and availability please visit our Current Volunteer Opportunities Available page. Note that you will need to be logged into your account in order to view specific opportunities.

I’m in need of legal assistance for myself or someone I know. Can you help me?

We regret that the Immigration Justice Campaign is unable to assist with individual cases. You can search for a private attorney through the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s attorney database at http://www.ailalawyer.org/. In addition, the Immigration Advocates Network has this helpful directory of free or low-cost legal service providers at https://www.immigrationadvocates.org/nonprofit/legaldirectory/.

How can I donate to the Immigration Justice Campaign?

You can make a tax-deductible donation to the Immigration Justice Campaign on our Donation page.

Does the Justice Campaign offer internships?

The Immigration Justice Campaign does not currently have openings for internships, but please continue to check back on our Jobs page.

About Immigration Detention

Where can I find more information about the U.S. immigration system and/or immigration detention?

The Justice Campaign has put together resources on our website. After logging in, navigate to the Get Trained tab. The American Immigration Council publishes helpful fact sheets, blogs, and reports on all things immigration, which you can find at www.americanimmigrationcouncil.org.

About our Volunteer Opportunities

Where can I find your volunteer opportunities?

You can view and apply for any of our available volunteer opportunities on our Current Volunteer Opportunities page. Please note that you will need to be logged into your account in order to view and apply for specific opportunities.

Which volunteer opportunities allow for remote work?

Currently, volunteers who wish to work completely remotely can join the Remote Bond Team or sign up to do Remote Interpretation and/ or Translation. Please stay tuned for other remote opportunities that arise from time to time, such as legal writing assignments and parole applications.

I am not an attorney. What can I do to help?

If you speak Spanish (or another language) fluently, consider spending a week on the ground with Proyecto Dilley (email volunteer@caraprobono.org for more information) or signing up to do remote interpretation and/ or translation.

You can also support the Campaign by making a tax-deductible donation on our Donation page.

In the future, we hope to be able to provide opportunities for paralegals, law students, and others to get involved so please continue to check our Current Volunteer Opportunities page. Please note that you will need to be logged into your account in order to view and apply for specific opportunities.

Do I need malpractice insurance to volunteer?

Many of our local partners (but not all) are able to provide malpractice insurance coverage for their attorney volunteers. You can learn about coverage offered at each site on our Types of Volunteer Opportunities page.

I’m not barred in a state where you work. Can I still volunteer?

Yes! To the extent you need to enter an appearance in a specific case, appearing as an attorney in immigration court only requires an attorney to be licensed and in good standing with the bar of any U.S. state, territory, or possession.

Do you offer any stipends for volunteers?

Unfortunately, the Justice Campaign is currently unable to cover expenses incurred during the course of volunteering.

Can attorneys with inactive bar membership participate?

Attorneys must be an active member of a state bar and in good standing in order to take on individual cases. However, attorneys with inactive bar memberships can still volunteer on-the-ground at Dilley in the capacity of “Legal Assistant” or sign-up to interpret if they are bilingual.

How long is the typical commitment for your volunteer opportunities?

That depends on the opportunity! While the commitment varies on a case-by-case basis, in general, volunteer opportunities take the following amount of time:

Type of Volunteer Opportunity Length of Commitment
Working on the ground at a detention center 1 week
Remote or in-person bond representation 3 weeks
Country conditions research for pro se asylum seekers 2-4 weeks
Prepare parole requests to seek release for detained asylum seekers 1-2 months (2 weeks to prepare the packet and up to 2 months of follow-up with deportation officer)
Full representation of noncitizen in removal proceedings (merits cases) 3-4 months
Remote interpretation assistance for remote bond team 3 weeks after being paired with attorney
Remote interpretation assistance for Proyecto Dilley Scheduled shifts of a few hours at a time for as long as needed

Proyecto Dilley

Six Proyecto Dilley volunteers report from their week on-the-ground with the Proyecto Dilley Pro Bono Project

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