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Credible and Reasonable Fear Interviews

For many asylum seekers, the first step in the process of seeking protection in the United States is a “Credible Fear” or “Reasonable Fear” Interview with an Asylum Officer. It is a vitally important part of the asylum process: without a positive determination from this interview, the asylum seeker will be removed from the U.S. without being able to present a claim for protection in front of an immigration judge. The materials on this page guide attorneys through how credible and reasonable fear interviews work, how to effectively prepare clients for these interviews, and how to represent clients at Credible and Reasonable Fear Interviews.

Getting Started: Overview of Credible/Reasonable Fear Process

The first step in representing asylum applicants in their credible or reasonable fear interviews is understanding what these interviews are, how they work, and how they fit into the entire asylum process.

Understanding What Happens During a Credible/Reasonable Fear Interview

These materials provide an in-depth look at how credible and reasonable fear interviews work: what questions asylum officers ask and in what order.

Preparing Clients for Credible Fear Interviews

Guidance and best practices in how to help clients prepare for credible and reasonable fear interviews.