Asylum Application, Client Declaration, and Supporting Evidence

As you begin working with your client, you will draft his or her asylum application (the I-589), and a declaration with a detailed account of her or his story. You will also gather supporting evidence that corroborates your client’s story. The resources on this page will guide you through how to draft your client’s I-589 and asylum declaration, as well as what kind of supporting evidence you will need and how to obtain it.

Required Form

Fillable I-589 form

A fillable pdf of the I-589 form is available on

Required Step

I-589 Mailing Instructions

Along with filing your client’s completed I-589 with the Immigration Court, you must mail a copy of the first three pages of the application to USCIS. Follow the link for instructions on how to do this.

I-589 Asylum Application

Applications for asylum, withholding of removal, and protection under the Convention Against Torture all require a form I-589. You will file this form in immigration court at a Master Calendar hearing.


I-589 in Spanish

Immigration Justice Campaign
An I-589 translated into Spanish.


I-589 in French

Immigration Justice Campaign
An I-589 translated into French.


Sample I-589 Asylum Application

Immigration Justice Campaign
A sample completed I-589 (for a fictional client) with detailed annotations that guide you through best practices in filling out the form.


Credible Fear Interview Transcript

Immigration Justice Campaign
Most detained asylum seekers who are in removal proceedings have passed a “credible fear interview” conducted by a USCIS Asylum Officer, soon after they were first encountered by DHS. Your client should have a copy of the decision and transcript from this interview. You should make sure to review the transcript of the credible fear interview as you are preparing your client’s I-589 and declaration.

Client Declaration

Along with your client’s I-589 application, you will work closely with your client to draft a detailed declaration that fleshes out your client’s story.


Sample Client Declaration

Immigration Justice Campaign
A sample client declaration with detailed annotations that guide you through how to write a client declaration.

Supporting Documentation

Asylum applicants are required to corroborate their testimony with supporting evidence when it is available. The materials below will help you determine what evidence to obtain and how to obtain it.

60 Min.

Documenting Detained Asylum Cases

Immigration Justice Campaign
This webinar provides practical guidance on drafting applicant declarations and gathering supporting evidence for detained asylum cases.


Sample Certificate of Interpretation

Immigration Justice Campaign
Sample certificate of interpretation to attach to an English language document that was read to a client in his or her own language.


Step-by-Step Guide to Completing FOIA Requests with DHS

Immigrant Legal Resource Center
This guide will walk you through exactly how to file FOIA requests to obtain your client’s records from DHS.

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