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Remote Bond

Several of our local partners are able to place bond cases with volunteer attorneys who can work remotely because their local Immigration Court permits telephonic representation. This volunteer opportunity involves communicating with your client by phone, preparing motions to appear telephonically before the immigration court as well as a bond motion (with supporting documentation), collecting supporting evidence from your client (or their family), and arguing the bond motions before the Immigration Judge over the phone. Volunteers for this opportunity may be placed with a case from any of the local partners in our network.

To learn more about this opportunity type or others, please visit our Types of Volunteer Opportunities page.

The Support We Provide
Your work will be supported by several innovated resources: (1) An in-house expert who will mentor you and a group of other attorneys with similarly situated cases; (2) An online library of resources and training materials including template briefs, examples, and detailed guides; (3) A hands-on guide to walk you step-by-step through local practices and procedures.

Individuals in Need of Representation

Mr. BZ

Referring Partner Site: RMIAN
Location: Aurora Contract Detention Facility (Aurora, CO)
Country of Origin: Guatemala
Language: Mam (interpretation will be provided)
Next Hearing or Due Date: July 12, 2022 (Master Calendar Hearing)

Mr. BZ is a young man in his late teens from Guatemala. Mr. BZ is afraid to return to Guatemala because of discrimination due to his ethnicity. Mr. BZ seeks pro bono assistance for release on bond, and his sponsor is his brother.


Referring Partner Site: EPIC
Location: Torrance County Detention Center (Estancia, NM)
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Language: Spanish
Next Hearing or Due Date: June 28, 2022 (Master Calendar Hearing)

Mr. DEA is a man in his mid-30s from Nicaragua. Mr. DEA received death threats because of his political opposition. Mr. DEA seeks pro bono assistance for release on bond or parole, and his sponsor is his uncle.

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