Immigration Justice Campaign is an initiative of American Immigration Council, American Immigration Lawyers Association, and American Immigration Representation Project.

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The Immigration Justice Campaign is seeking attorneys to represent noncitizens detained at Detention Centers where our local partner organizations work in appealing Immigration Court deportation orders.

This opportunity involves reviewing the prior proceedings file, drafting an appellate or petition for review brief, collecting supporting evidence if applicable, and timely filing in response to briefing deadlines set by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) or Circuit Courts. This opportunity can be done remotely but may involve at least one telephonic meeting with a detained client.

To learn more about this opportunity type or others, please visit our Types of Volunteer Opportunities page.

The Support We Provide
Your work will be supported by several innovated resources: (1) An in-house expert who will mentor you and a group of other attorneys with similarly situated cases; (2) An online library of resources and training materials including template briefs, examples, and detailed guides; (3) A hands-on guide to walk you step-by-step through local practices and procedures.

Individuals in Need of Representation


Relief Sought: Petition for Review before the Circuit Court of Appeals
Referring Partner Site: Al Otro Lado
Location: Colorado (10th Circuit Federal Appeals Court)
Country of Origin: Honduras
Language: Spanish
Next Hearing or Due Date: Brief due December 12, 2022

Ms. IVS is a woman in her late 30's from Honduras who arrived to the U.S. in 2016. She fears return to Honduras after being violently persecuted for her involvement in local protests against solar panels being built in her community. Her asylum claim and BIA appeal were denied, as was a Motion to Reopen based on ineffective assistance of counsel. The BIA’s decision may be challenged on the grounds that (1) they incorrectly upheld an adverse credibility decision that was clearly erroneous, and (2) they failed to meaningfully address the IJ’s refusal to allow Isis to present corroborating evidence she had brought to court as prejudicial, even though the IJ then used her lack of corroborating evidence as additional proof of her adverse credibility. Ms. IVS seeks pro bono assistance with a Petition for Review before the Circuit Court.

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