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Cancellation Hearing

These materials will help you prepare for your client’s LPR cancellation hearing.

60 Min.

Trial Prep in Immigration Court: Direct and Cross Examination

American Immigration Lawyers Association
In this podcast expert removal defense practitioners Rekha Sharma-Crawford, Andrea Saenz, and Rebecca Sanchez-Roig discuss how to prepare your client and witnesses for direct and cross examination in removal proceedings, and how to handle issues that arise during testimony.
This resource is restricted to volunteers actively working on cases.


Getting Off the Assembly Line: Overcoming Immigration Court Obstacles in Individual Cases

Appleseed Network
The Guide provides an overview of immigration court proceedings, as well as specific sections on working with clients in detention, obtaining client documents from the government, pre-hearing communications with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), dealing with interpretation and videoconferencing challenges and reporting immigration judge and DHS attorney misconduct. The Guide also provides several template and sample documents to assist attorneys in these cases.
This resource is restricted to volunteers actively working on cases.

58 Min.

Storytelling in Immigration Cases

American Immigration Lawyers Association
What is one of the biggest challenges to winning your case? The immigration judge’s boredom. These practitioners share insights on how to engage the court through storytelling, trilogies, how to frame your client’s case as a plot line with character development and conflict resolution, and how effectively to confront weaknesses in your client’s case.
This resource is restricted to volunteers actively working on cases.

Need Assistance?

If you are a volunteer attorney working on a case with the Immigration Justice Campaign, find out how to get individualized help with your case.
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