Preparing Bond Submission

As you prepare your client’s bond submission packet, the templates and samples on this page will provide a useful guide.

Required Step

EOIR E-registry

In order to enter an appearance on behalf of your client in immigration court, you must first register to practice before the immigration court by completing EOIR’s E-registry process. It is a two-step process involving online registration followed by in-person verification of your identity at your local immigration court.

Required Form

Fillable EOIR-28

Link to fillable EOIR-28 You must file this form at or before your client’s first Master Calendar hearing in order to be entered as the attorney of record on your client’s case.


Filing Guidelines

The section of the Immigration Court Practice Manual that delineates the requirements for filing with the court, including order of pages, hole-punching, and original signatures.


Sample Full Set of Filed Documents

Immigration Justice Campaign
This is an example of a full filing for a remote bond case, with comments.

Bond for New Arrivals


Motion for Custody Redetermination - New Arrivals

Immigration Justice Campaign
This is a sample with instructions for your Motion for Custody Redetermination (i.e. the request for a Bond hearing) along with an index of exhibits and a certificate of service.


Sample Bond Sponsor Letter

Immigration Justice Campaign
This is an example of a sponsor letter that gives you an idea of what such a letter should contain.


Proposed Order Template

Immigration Justice Campaign
This is a template for a proposed order that can be used for any kind of motion. All motions must be accompanied by a proposed order.

Bond for Clients Who Have Been In the U.S.


Motion and Pre-Hearing Statement - Prior History in U.S.

Capitol Area Immigrants' Rights Coalition
A motion for bond for clients who have been in the U.S. for some time, along with table of exhibits and proposed order.

Bond Re-Determination


Motion for Bond Re-Determination - Bond Reduction

Immigration Justice Campaign
A motion to ask the judge to reconsider and reduce a bond. This is only used after an Immigration Judge has already held a bond hearing before.

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