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Getting Started: Overview of Bond

These materials provide an introduction to release from immigration detention on bond: who is eligible for bond, how to request a bond hearing, and what happens during bond hearings.


Seeking Release from Immigration Detention

American Immigration Council
An overview of the different options a person in detention has to seek their release.

90 Min.

Overview of Bond Proceedings

Immigration Justice Campaign
This webinar provides an overview of bond hearings for attorneys who are new to immigration practice. Two expert practitioners discuss how to request a bond hearing, the factors at issue during bond hearings, what kind of evidence to prepare and submit and how to do so, and what happens during a bond hearing.


Representing Clients in Bond Hearings

Immigrant Legal Resource Center
An introductory, step-by-step guide to representing clients in bond hearings. It contains practical guidance on preparing for a bond hearing, as well as citations to relevant case law.


How Do I Find Out What Else Is Happening In My Client's Case?

Immigration Justice Campaign
This is a critical step-by-step guide to understanding what else is happening in your client’s case. As you represent your client in bond or parole/release, you need to know what is happening in their underlying removal case, because they operate independently of each other, and because changes in your client’s underlying case may affect your client’s eligibility for certain kinds of release.


Remote Bond - A Brief Guide

Immigration Justice Campaign
Your guide to remote bond cases.


Sample Simple Motion for Telephonic Appearance

Immigration Justice Campaign
This is for cases outside of the El Paso court, where we are confident the judge will grant the Motion for Telephonic Appearance.
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