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Working with Trauma Survivors

One of the challenges in detained asylum cases is working with a trauma survivor. The resources on this page provide techniques and guidance on how to effectively represent a trauma survivor, as well as how to recognize and handle secondary trauma.

60 min.

Training Series: Client Interview Skills

Immigration Justice Campaign
In this series of mock meetings between a pro bono attorney and her client, you will get to see what techniques work and do not work to develop a good client/attorney relationship. A social worker specializing in working with trauma victims will provide expert guidance after each mock interaction.

30 Min.

Training: Working With Mental Health Experts

Immigration Justice Campaign
Watch this recorded training facilitated by licensed clinical social worker Aimee Miller and Immigration Justice Campaign Senior Managing Attorney Jocelyn Dyer, as they present best practices and guidance on working with mental health experts on your immigration court case.

60 Min.

Webinar: Best Practices for Working with Survivors of Trauma

Immigration Justice Campaign
Watch the recording of this Immigration Justice Campaign training with social worker Aimee Miller on best practices for working with survivors of trauma.

58 Min.

Webinar: Working with Survivors of Trauma Q&A

Immigration Justice Campaign
Social Worker Aimee Miller answers Campaign volunteer and immigration practitioners' questions about working with Survivors of Trauma.

47 Min.

Secondary Trauma

American Immigration Lawyers Association
People who work closely with trauma survivors may experience “secondary trauma.” This podcast will help you to identify and handle signs of secondary trauma.
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