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Researching Specific Issues in Asylum Law

Throughout the asylum representation you will need to research various aspects of asylum law. The resources below address asylum law generally, as well as selected specific issues. If you currently are handling a case through the Immigration Justice Campaign, you are also eligible to access AILA Link, AILA’s premiere online legal research tool. Please consult your Campaign Orientation Manual for details.

Overview of Asylum, Withholding, and CAT


Asylum Grounds Practice Guide

Immigration Justice Campaign
This guide provides a deep dive into the 5 asylum grounds and will help you determine which type of claim to present on behalf of your client.


Pitfalls in Asylum Cases

Immigration Justice Campaign
A must-read for anyone working on asylum case, this brief practice guide summarizes the major bars to asylum and provides examples of factors in your client's case that would warrant further research and analysis as to whether a bar might apply.


Asylum, Withholding of Removal, and Protection Under the Convention Against Torture

American Immigration Lawyers Association
A comprehensive and detailed overview of asylum, withholding of removal, and protection under the Convention Against Torture.
This resource is restricted to volunteers actively working on cases.

Particular Social Groups


Post Matter of A-B- Particular Social Group Asylum Strategies

American Immigration Lawyers Association
A thorough analysis of the impact of Matter of A-B- and practice tips for how best to craft and argue particular social groups in light of that case.
This resource is restricted to volunteers actively working on cases.


Practice Pointer: Matter of L-E-A-

Catholic Legal Immigration Network
On July 29, 2019, the Attorney General issued a decision, Matter of L-E-A-, which attempts to limit the availability of asylum to people whose persecution is based on their family relationships. This practice advisory is crucial for anyone whose client fears such persecution; it walks through what the decision does and does not say, and offers strategies and practice tips on addressing the decision.

85 Min.

Framing "Particular Social Groups" in Asylum Cases

Immigration Justice Campaign
This webinar was recorded at an in-person training hosted by the Immigration Justice Campaign on November 13, 2018 in New York City. Expert practitioners Anna Byers, Jeffrey Chase, and Anju Gupta discuss the development of the case law around the "particular social group" ground for asylum, and offer practical tips and strategies on how best to frame and present asylum claims based on a particular social group.


Matter of A-B- Considerations

Immigrant Legal Resource Center
A practice advisory summarizing the Attorney General's June 2018 decision, Matter of A-B-, and offering strategies for handling asylum claims, especially those involving domestic violence or gangs, in light of that decision.

Withholding of Removal


Withholding-Only Toolkit

Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center and Penn State Law
A hands-on, practical guide to representing clients in withholding of removal and Convention Against Torture claims.

Convention Against Torture


Qualifying for Protection Under the Convention Against Torture

Immigration Legal Resource Center
This advisory reviews the legal standard for CAT protection. It also provides an overview of seminal Board of Immigration Appeals and federal circuit court decisions that discuss the various elements of a CAT claim.

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