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Preparing for the Individual Hearing

In the weeks leading up to your client’s individual hearing, you will prepare your client and any witnesses to testify. The materials on this page will help you prepare for the hearing.


Mock Asylum Hearing

Prof. Michele Pistone, Villanova University
This video contains a mock asylum hearing for an asylum seeker from Guinea. It includes a direct and cross examination of the asylum seeker, as well as direct and cross examination of two experts and closing arguments.


Tips on Preparing for an Individual Hearing

Immigration Justice Campaign
This practice guide provides check lists so that you know what information and documents to review with your client prior to the hearing; what to bring with you; and the types of objections you should be prepared to make at your Individual Hearing.


Filing Checklist for Individual Hearings

Immigration Justice Campaign
Use this checklist to ensure you have everything prepared to file for your Individual Hearing.


Direct Examination Guidance

Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.
Direct examination provides the asylum seeker the opportunity to tell their story to the IJ and is critical to the success of the case. This advisory will discuss the basics of direct examination and will give tips and strategies to volunteers.


Closing Arguments in Immigration Court

Immigration Justice Campaign
In Immigration Court, closing arguments need to be persuasive, compelling, and concise. This practice guide provides tips on delivering a successful closing argument.

50 Min.

Successful Direct Examinations in Asylum Cases

Immigration Justice Campaign
Our panel of experienced asylum litigators will explain how to prepare yourself and your client for direct examination in Immigration Court.


Sample Witness List

Immigration Justice Campaign
You will need to submit a witness list, even if the Respondent is the only witness who will be testifying at the Individual Hearing.


Sample Direct Examination Questions

Immigration Justice Campaign
This chart contains sample questions and goals for a direct examination in Immigration Court based on a fictional client.

Need Assistance?

If you are a volunteer attorney working on a case with the Immigration Justice Campaign, find out how to get individualized help with your case.
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