Motions in Immigration Court

At various points in your asylum representation, you may need to file a procedural motion with the immigration court. This might be a Motion for a Continuance if you need to request a later hearing date; a Motion for Telephonic Appearance or Telephonic Testimony; or a Motion to Accept Late-Filed Evidence.

On this page you will find sample motions that you can use and adapt. As always, make sure to consult the Immigration Court Practice Manual for detailed instructions on formatting and submission of motions.


Motion for Telephonic Appearance

Immigration Justice Campaign
A motion to permit telephonic appearance of an expert in a detained asylum case.


Motion for Untimely Filing

Immigration Justice Campaign
A sample motion to use to request that the court accept an untimely filing of evidence. As always, make sure to consult the Immigration Court Practice Manual for formatting and procedural requirements for motions.


Motion for Continuance

American Friends Service Committee
A sample motion for a continuance at the Elizabeth, NJ detention center.


Motion for Change of Venue

Immigration Justice Campaign
A sample motion to change venue. If your client is released from detention while her or his case is pending, he or she will need to file a motion to change venue to the immigration court with jurisdiction over her or his new residence.

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