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Valeria's Story (English)

Blessings. I am a mother in a detention center. Pray for my life. I feel very sad because I spent a lot of time suffering during my trip, hoping that God make a miracle and help us. I am from Honduras. I suffered domestic rape, I am very damaged. My life has been a failure. I haven't been able to achieve my goal of arriving at my sister's house in Miami, FL. and my family is suffering because we are in detention. I just ask God for strength and to be with my sister. Our trip was terrifying, we suffered a lot and went hungry. I dreamt about food. My feet were injured with spines. I didn't have strength when immigration detained us. I hope you have us in your prayers. Thank you from a young Honduran. The greatest pain was when they took my daughter…we had never been separated, 62 days without my daughter, her in a shelter and me in jail in Texas, this story has been so painful but I ask God to help us continue. I thank all the lawyers for helping us to not be deported, God sent us angels to accompany me. From us each one of the families. Thank God Jesus Christ that gives us life, air and water and everything around us.

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