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Rosa's Story (English)

Hello, I am one of the separated mothers. I want to share with all of you a sad story from my life. On May 8 I entered this country with my son and was separated from him. May 11 was very difficult. They took me to an immigration detention center in Arizona and my son to a juvenile shelter in New York. When they separated me from my son I asked them where they were taking him. They told me that they didn’t know. In the detention center I asked for a call with my son, but they always denied me one. I felt very sad and confused because of everything that was happening to me. I was in that detention center for 75 days. There were some officials who were very good, but also others who treated us very badly. During the 75 days that we were separated I was only given 2 calls with my son. They reunified me with my son on July 26 and now we are in this place together. I thank God for the strength that He gives me each day and to all of you who supported us in some way. May God bless you.

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