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Maria's Story (English)

Hello: In this letter I will tell you part of my story. I entered the U.S. on May 25, 2018. I am one of the immigrant mothers who were separated from our children. This was the most difficult thing I have ever lived, not knowing where they had them and without knowing if we would see our children. We left our county to protect our children and to offer them a better future, not so that they would separate us from them and not for them to treat us like criminals. In each detention center they made us suffer. In the “icebox” they brought us food as if we were dogs. We are human beings with feelings and a heart. We don’t come here to harm anyone or for them to take away our freedom. The mark left on each of us the mothers and children from having lived this torment is one of the saddest things in our lives. I thank God for giving me the strength, hope, and will to keep fighting. There is no more beautiful miracle than knowing that outside [of detention] there are people who are supporting us and that we are not alone. Thank you for supporting each of us. Here I leave you two sentences:

I learned that a trip is not a fall. And that there is no bad that doesn't come for a good reason, that with will and effort everything gets easier.

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