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Laura's Story (English)

My Little Story

I thank you for supporting me in my case, you all were what give me strength to keep fighting. Many thanks, lawyers.

I continue to my story.

When immigration detained us that is when everything I lived started. They treated us very badly. They yelled at us. They didn’t care that we were suffering from hunger and exhaustion. The first days they gave us two meals. When we wanted to drink water we got it from the bathroom faucet. They gave us tasteless food worse than what you would give a dog. No one defended us. I suffered a lot in each jail I was in. They yelled at us that we couldn’t talk to anyone. If we talked, they reported us and scolded us. They took me chained at the hands, feet, and waist like a criminal and my daughter didn’t hear anything about me until after 35 days I had my first call with her. That is when I learned where she was. I asked God so much to take care of her, I thank Him that He listened to my prayers. When they reunified me with my daughter I cried bitterly, because I thought that they were going to deport me and I am still here. I thank God the Father who is in heaven, because my God guided me and my daughter.

This is the listen that I wrote, what I lived when I was separated from my daughter. Thank you.

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