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Isabella's Story (English)

My experience when I arrived in this country was very very sad. They arrested who I most love, my 12-year-old daughter. They destroyed me heart. My life ended in that moment. My strength ended. That started for me the torture of 2 months of tribulation and anguish without my daughter. In each jail I was in it was sad, painful, traumatizing believing that I would never see her again. “Icebox,” “dog pound,” Laredo, Lasalle, Pearsall... I never want to go back to any of those places.

What hurts me the most is that my daughter got her period for the first time when we arrived at the icebox and I was unable to help her. It tormented me. She yelled to me from against the chain-linked fence that her pants were filled with blood and I was unable to help her.

It took two months for them to give me back my daughter. I can have peace now that they gave her back. I am happy and so is she. She didn't sleep; she says she was in a room alone and she was afraid. I had never been apart from her. We always slept together.

But God is great and they gave her back to me. He put some very loving lawyers here and people outside who interceded for the separated children and mothers and God answered. Thank you, may God bless you.

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