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Gabriela's Story (English)

Hello friends and lawyers,

My motive in writing this letter is to tell you all how much I suffered when I entered the United States. For me it is very painful but that’s okay, I want to tell you. You will see that what we lived was a horror. I wouldn’t wish it even on my worst enemy.

My story is that I left my house on May 9 and crossed the border of Guatemala. From there I started to suffered hunger, cold, exhaustion with my daughter. Then I entered the United States and immigration detained me on May 27, 2018. For me it was very difficult when they took my daughter for two months. They had her in the “ice box” for four days and then they sent her to Miami, Florida. They told me to say goodbye to her and that they didn’t want tears from anyone. Then they took my daughter. They chained my hands, feet, and waist like a criminal. Immigration transferred me to a county jail in El Paso, Texas. It is horrible being there. You feel like you are going to die. Then they transferred me to Sierra Blanca, Texas for more than a month and I didn’t know anything about my daughter. I cried and cried and didn’t eat much. They treated us like criminals. We drank water from the toilet. The water was very hot. They put medicine on us for fleas. Our hair would fall out because the water was so hot.

They told me that I was never going to see my daughter again. They didn’t give me any news of her. It was very sad for me. What they did to us is very painful and the story is very long. We are only alive because of God. Only because of God’s mercy we got out of there. They put us in freezing room, they threw us food I wouldn’t even give to my puppy at my house but they did it to us as if we were the most despised creatures on earth.

From a separated mother…I ask God that this doesn’t happen to other mothers. It is very hard. I owe everything to God the Father who is great with his miracles and wonders.

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