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Elisa's Story (English)

Hello everyone, Here I will tell a little of my story. I left my country on May 9 with the dream of arriving in the U.S. without knowing what I was risking with my 9-year-old son, trying to flee my country because of the danger my son was in. After arriving in the U.S. I felt safe with my son but they took my son and it was something that hurt me so much I felt that everything had ended for me because the greatest pain a mother could feel is that they take her children but thank God on July 20 they reunited me with my son it was something so beautiful for my life to see him again. Thank you to all of you that helped us. I don’t have a way to pay you but I ask God that he always bless you. I love you all a lot. Thank you for your words of support for my life, for this love so great that you have shown me. I will never forget you and have each one of you in my heart. To each person who sees this I tell you that I love you a lot and may God bless each of you and with this little story I say goodbye to all. See you soon. Written August 24.

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