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Daniela's Story (English)

Hello, first I give thanks to God that I am okay. God bless all that have given us words of support. I bless you in the name of Jesus.

I want to tell you my moments of anguish that happened to me when they grabbed my son from my arms. It was a very sad moment. I wanted to die seeing that I couldn’t do anything. It is something very sad. I don’t even know how to explain it. I went a week without eating. Only God gave me strength. When I think of that day I don’t know how I endured it. My love for my son made me tolerate all the mistreatment. They cuffed my hands and feet like a criminal. I was there for four days and I thought when I left there I would be with my son but no. They brought me to another jail where they didn’t give me any news of my son. It was anguish. I was so sad that I don’t know where I found any strength. One day some people arrived. I think that those lovely people were sent by God. They helped me to find my son. I bless them in the name of Jesus. I had asked God many times to send me angels. In total we were 100 women waiting for an answer and thank God everything happened as I asked.

Today I am with my child. Thank you to all the wonderful people like the lawyers who have been so wonderful to us. I don’t have words to explain. I promise to always pray a lot for each one of you. I will keep you always in my heart. I love you a lot and thank you very much.

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