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Camila's Story (English)

Hello I am a separated mother. When I entered the United States on May 1st immigration took me to the icebox where they grabbed me daughter who is only 8 years old without any explanation. They only told me that they were going to take her and I asked if they were going to give me her back and they told me that they did not know and they told me to say goodbye to her because who knew when I could see her again. The next day they took me to court and handcuffed my hands and feet and chained my waist and obligated us to plead guilty for having crossed the Rio Grande. After court, they took us to a jail called Port Isabel where they treated us like dogs. The food they gave us was bread with cold and undercooked ham. That jail was so cold all the time it was like an icebox. I was there two months before they reunified me with my daughter and brought me to another detention center in Dilley, Texas. Now my daughter and I have been detained here for over six weeks and we are tired of being locked up. We want our freedom.

In jail they insulted us, treated us like dogs, didn't give us food or water. We have suffered a lot. What the president did to us cannot be described. What does he gain from making so many people suffer in this way? What would he do if they took his child and didn't tell him where they were and made him a prisoner and gave him dog food like they gave us in Port Isabel? They sent my daughter to Chicago but first they had her in the icebox for 5 days. If my daughter had been separated from me another month she might have died. They gave her back to me very skinny and with only the clothing she had on when they took her from me. My daughter has suffered a lot and we do not deserve what they have done to us. Thank God now we are together and she is now recuperating. I am very grateful to God because despite everything that we have suffered we will get out successfully.

Sincerely, Separated mother Camila and her daughter Lisa

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