Getting Started: Overview of Parole Eligibility

These materials provide an overview of which asylum seekers are eligible for parole, and how to apply for parole.

60 Min.

Seeking Parole for Detained Asylum Seekers

Immigration Justice Campaign
This webinar walks attorneys through the basics of representing detained asylum seekers in their parole applications, covering who is eligible for parole, what factors are relevant in parole applications and how to document them, and the time frame and procedure for requesting parole.


Parole from Detention for “Arriving Alien” Asylum Seekers

Immigration Justice Campaign
An overview of the eligibility requirements and factors for parole of “arriving alien” asylum seekers


ICE Memo, “Parole of Arriving Aliens Found to Have a Credible Fear of Persecution or Torture”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement
In this 2010 memo, ICE lays out its policy of paroling certain asylum seekers who have passed their credible fear interviews. The memo explains the factors ICE will look at when considering parole requests, and the type of documentation ICE wants to see in these requests.


DHS Memo, “Implementing the President’s Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements Policies”

Department of Homeland Security
In this February 2017 memo, DHS reaffirms the 2010 policy with regard to parole of arriving alien asylum seekers.

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