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Afghan Asylum Interview Preparation

The asylum interview is a key step of the asylum process. These resources will assist attorneys preparing Afghan nationals for their asylum interview.


Timeline for Afghan Affirmative Asylum Cases

Immigration Justice Campaign
This nuts and bolts week-by-week guide will walk you through all of the steps and procedures involved in handling an affirmative Afghan asylum case.


Webinar: Cultural Humility and How It Applies to Lawyers Working with Afghan Clients

HIAS and the American Bar Association

This webinar provides excellent advice and cultural background for lawyers working with Afghan clients. Please note that the volume starts at approximately 2 minutes into the recording.


Webinar: Understanding the Afghan Refugee Crisis

Human Rights First

This webinar, presented by Human Rights First and historian Dr. Robert D. Crews, provides a primer on Afghan society, politics, and recent history for lawyers working on Afghan asylum cases.


Webinar: Asylum for Afghans 201: Bars to Asylum and Common Concerns

HIAS & the American Bar Association

This advanced asylum training addresses issues that commonly arise in asylum cases filed by members of the Afghan community, including bars to asylum that may be relevant for Afghans who lived under Taliban rule, as well as other terrorism-related concerns.