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We have ways for you to get involved today. See below for tools to engage in a range of advocacy actions.

Take Action Now

  • Take Action: Don't Let Title 42 Become Permanent Border Policy
    The policy known as Title 42 has decimated asylum at the border. Now, some moderate Democrats are joining with Republicans, planning to vote on legislation that would make tie the end of Title 42 to the COVID-19 public health emergency, an authority which is likely to remain in place for years. We’re asking you to send messages to your senators and representatives, whether they’re Democratic, Republican, or independent.

  • Take Action: Tell Congress to Reduce ICE Detention Funding
    We need your help in urging Congress to stand up for immigrants and oppose immigrant detention funding. All members of Congress must hear loud and clear that they cannot continue to fund ICE detention, which we know causes real harm to immigrants, at such high levels.

  • Take Action: Call on Congress to Release People from Detention Center Declared Unsafe by Watchdog
    While due process violations and unsafe conditions are inherent to detention, those at the Torrance County Detention Facility in New Mexico have been especially egregious. It is past time for ICE to close the Torrance facility and release, not transfer to another detention center, the people detained there. Please ask your members of Congress to call for the closure of Torrance.

Advocacy Toolkits

  • Language Access CRCL Complaint Template
    Use this template to submit a complaint to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (CRCL) for any language access violations your client has experienced. These violations may include but are not limited to lack of interpretation in daily conversations with ICE, ICE serving documents without adequate interpretation and translation, barriers to access physical and mental health services, inability to read information provided to detained individuals such as instructions for using telephones.

  • Advocacy Toolkit: Requesting your Client's Release from ICE Detention During COVID-19 Pandemic
    Use this step-by-step guide to help you reach out to Congress to educate them about what is happening in ICE detention facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic and demand oversight over ICE parole decisions and procedures.

  • Beyond Casework: Advocacy Toolkit
    The Immigration Justice Campaign mobilizes attorneys and others to provide legal representation to the thousands of men and women imprisoned in ICE detention facilities. However, legal representation is only one way to fight the deportation and detention machine. This advocacy toolkit is designed to give lawyers and non-lawyers the tools to effectuate change outside the courtroom.

  • Advocacy Toolkit: Hold ICE Accountable for Deplorable Medical Attention in Detention
    Learn how to hold the government accountable for deplorable medical care in ICE detention facilities. This toolkit will guide you through filing an oversight complaint with government agencies, demanding oversight from Congress, and writing a Letter to the Editor (LTE).

Educating oneself is an important first step toward advocating for due process and justice for detained immigrants. One of our parent organizations, the American Immigration Council, offers many resources and fact sheets on topics ranging from immigration 101 to due process and immigration courts, as well as immigration detention.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), another parent organization of the Immigration Justice Campaign, hosts an Advocacy Action Center where constituents can find template letters on many immigration matters – including detention and the immigration court system -- to send to their elected representatives.

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