Speak Out Against Proposed Rule that Would Gut U.S. Asylum System

On June 15, 2020, the Trump Administration published a new regulation that, if implemented, would decimate the U.S. asylum system. Send a comment to the government highlighting why this rule would be disastrous for those in need of protection. We strongly encourage you to personalize your comment if you are able, as the government gives more weight to each comment if it is unique from others.

"Watch our recorded webinar to learn more! The American Immigration Council and the Immigration Justice Campaign held a webinar outlining the most devastating aspects of this proposed rule. The speakers shared what you can do to fight back against this assault on people fleeing persecution. Watching the recording here."

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The American Immigration Council warns non-citizens to guard against spoofing phone calls from ill-intended individuals seeking to create panic among our immigrant community. To learn more, please go to scam.immigrationcouncil.org.

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